Darcy Ritchason

Administrative Assistant/Billing




Darcy Ritchason joined the staff of Gentle Care in October of 2011.  She was brought in to help cover the front desk and phones while Yvonne was out for surgery.  During this time, the office was in the process of upgrading to Electronic Health Records. 

 After Darcy had been here for the weeks that Yvonne was out, it was apparent that her educational background and work experience were going to be a huge asset to the growth of the office.  After high school, Darcy attended Academy of Court Reporting and received an Associate’s Degree as a paralegal.  Unfortunately that did not work out to be where her heart was so she started attending Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  During that time she received and Associate Degree in Accounting and then continued to work towards a Business Leadership and Management degree.

 During this time, Darcy married her high school sweet heart, Briley.  Once they decided to start a family Darcy found it more difficult to balance a full time job, part time schooling and a new baby at the same time and school was the only thing that was flexible.  During this time, Darcy was employed as an assistant to 4 manufacturing managers at a large factory near Worthington, Ohio.  She gained a lot of experience during this time, including learning “customer service”.  After a few years in that position she was advanced to the Administrative Assistant position for the Total Quality Vice President.

 When Darcy’s son was one year old she resigned her position as an assistant and spent the summer caring for her son.  After that she realized it was not in her nature not to be around people so she started waiting tables at an upscale restaurant in Dublin, Ohio.  From there, after 4.5 years, a second child and moving out of Columbus, she ended up as a server at the local restaurant.  After putting 5 years in there, Ellen offered her the position within her business and Darcy didn’t hesitate to take her up on this offer. 

Due to Darcy’s job experience and knowledge of computers, Gentle Care Health Center was able to move full force into the EHR system.  After learning all there was to learn about scheduling and patient information in the system, Ellen decided it was time to bring billing in house and utilize the EHR to its fullest. 

Outside of Gentle Care Health Center, Darcy enjoys her family and the time that she spends raising her 2 sons, Mason and Caleb.  Darcy also enjoys crafting, reading, and being outdoors; when time allows of course.  Darcy looks forward to helping Gentle Care Health Center grow through the years, while raising her family and being involved with her community.
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