Gentle Care Health Center
15 North Main Street, Mechanicsburg


The village of Mechanicsburg, Ohio is located at the intersection of US Rt 29 (Main Street) and US Rt 4 (Sandusky Street). We are east of Springfield and west of Columbus. We are south of Urbana and north of London.

Gentle Care Health Center is in the middle of Mechanicsburg, just one block north of our traffic light (yes, there is exactly ONE traffic light in Mechanicsburg).
At the intersection of 29 and 4, you will see the lovely “Beans and Cream” coffee shop, and Citizen’s Bank. Across the intersection you will see the Mechanicsburg municipal building, where our Police, Fire, and EMS crews are stationed. Across from the municipal building, you will see signs for “Frosty’s Pizza” and, just across the alley from “Frosty’s”, you will find “Gentle Care Health Center”.

The center is in an old, Victorian building --- the oldest business building in Mechanicsburg. There is a maroon and yellow sign hanging from the maroon and yellow building, and during office hours, you’ll find flags flanking the entryway to the practice.

There is a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the entryway, and a “handicapped” reserved parking space in front of the building.


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